Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My son had a job. A very easy job. But being almost 14 years old, he got fired. He had to walk across the street to our neighbor's house and water some plants (about an hour) and then do other yard work as she requested. He could not do it. So he got fired.

I walked over and asked if I could have the job. I got the job. Brannon calls me "the job stealer." So I do a bit of work and get $6.00 per hour. I know it is not alot, but I have a summer job.

It finally rained. But now it is humid.

We got a new missionary...a greenie. Elder Price was sent to Minnetonka. We will miss him. He is funny and spiritual. I just wonder how his mother survived his teenage years. Elder Price had this memorized and would share this while we were driving. Hard to pay attention to the road whilst laughing.

We are working on a plan to send the kids to Utah for two weeks. They are excited.

Sleep is gracious.

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