Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Brannon started Summer School today. We picked up two other boys. And since Garrett, Brannon's friend, said that I am embarrassing, I decided to walk them into their class--to make sure they got there AND went in. I think they were glad that the class was more full than just the three of them.

One of my friends from Utah had a baby recently and posted this statement on her blog, "I am a mother."


I got to hear my babies learn how to say "mama" and call me "mommy" with their very cute, high-pitched voices.

I now get called "mom." When Brannon calls me "mom," it is said in a very low, very cow-like sound: "maaaaaaaaam."

I get to paint Dara's fingernails and toenails and sometimes, I even get to do her hair.

Sometimes I get to snuggle with my kids. This is very different from when they were little...there are these long appendages poking out everywhere, hanging over the couch.

I am an embarrassment to my children....Yeah!!! I am doing my job right.

I appreciate my mother so much more now than I did when I was 13. I was so stoopid at all those ages when I thought my parents didn't know ANYTHING. Well, I was so wrong. They knew EVERYTHING. Especially my mom. Thanks for not maiming me or killing me when you had the chance. I am now looking forward to grandchildren to love and spoil.

Being a mom is scary. Being a mom is wonderful.

Being a mom means being taken for granted. And being a mom means being given love by your children when you least expect it...when you really need it.

Respected and disrespected. Loved and hated. All in one day.

I love you Brannon and Dara. Remember, I am the meanest mom in the world.


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Danika said...

My kids know that I have the right to do their hair on Sunday and to embarrass them any time I want. Those are my official rights as a mother.
Alyssa uses that as an excuse to others when I am embarrassing her.