Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why does there always have to be someone in my life who is just crazy? Someone who you never know how they are going to react to life. And I don't know this person well. Just the fact that she is in my life and is crazy. AHOY\\\ Little typed those last slashes. I like "Ahoy". I think I will use it in conversation.

It is such a beautiful day today and it is only supposed to get better. But what is better in Minnesota?

I found out that Pampered Chef is even sold here in MN. Wow. It is everywhere.

And why do companies that send their work over to India have their callers use American names? I am sorry, but when someone with an Indian accent says, "Hello, my name is Emily." What?

And isn't it nice to hear how well Obama and his wife are doing on their trip to Europe? I am enjoying their success. Especially the hubbub with the Queen. Love it.


Matilda said...

Oye on crazy people. It's just un avoidable isnt it. Or maybe people like us attract them... IDK

HAHA, on My name is EMily... do they think we are stupid?

Dana said...

uhhh, as long as it's not me who you're calling crazy, you go girl! Amen!