Thursday, April 23, 2009

I went garage/yard sale-ing today with my friend Mary Kay. She is an expert in this. Actually, she is addicted. She even has rules that she follows.

Garage/Yard Sales: They used to start on Thursday mornings. The die hards are now starting on Wednesday. This is not just a weekend event. Most of the sales we went to had baby clothes galore. It almost made me want to have another baby. ALMOST. Meaning....No.

I got some books - always a good read at an even better price. I also bought a pine table with five chairs - the sixth one was broken by an uncle who was leaning back on the legs - for $40.00. I just need to buff out the cat scratches on the top.

It was great fun.

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Jewels said...

A friend had to convince me a yard sales a few years ago and boy are they the best. Especially the great finds at ridiculously low prices. Does your friend sell beauty products?