Friday, March 27, 2009

Sesame Street

I was watching a friend's children while they went to their seventh child's ultrasound.

The children and I were watching PBS. Sesame Street came on and I think the world has gone stoopid. When did Sesame Street get the voice-over guy who explains everything that is going on. "The orange ball of clay is bouncing around and begins to sing." "There is a jungle and the children are walking. Then they run. Now a big tiger is eating them." Just kidding about the last part.

I would love someone to explain this voice-over experiment to me. It is annoying and rude.


Anonymous said...

No to mention it teaches the kids NOT to think for themselves...ugh!

Anners said...

Sesame is sacred - they should not mess with it. I'm sorry to hear that they are. Whatever happened to Lady Bug's Picnic or Telephone Rock (two of my favorites).

p.s. how are you doing - I miss you and your cute family. Also, I don't post on my blog anymore (no time and not motivated), but I enjoy visiting your blog when I can. I hope all is well and getting warmer in MN.

Jamie said...

maybe it is a thing so blind kids can watch. I have seen that on movies before where you turn on an option and it describes the actions that you have to see, to help all the sounds make sense.

Either that or they think we are all idiots?

Jewels said...

Is it true that they changed Cookie Monster to Veggie Monster?
And Congratulations on your 20th Year Anniversary. Are you guys going to do anything fun?

aprilinsalt said...

I think its an option, I could be wrong though. I heard the same thing, a bit weird .