Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wild Night

Last night Kelly and I went to a birthday party for my friend, Beth. Kelly and I are not drinkers, but there was wine, margueritas and shot stuff. Most of the people were just buzzed a bit. One guy, Kim, got incredibly drunk. I have never seen anyone that drunk before...but I live a shelter life.

He was very funny drunk...that is, until he FELL OUT A WINDOW!!!! It was very weird. It all went in slow motion. At least the window moved and he didn't go through the glass. However, he has to be in the hospital for three days and wear a back brace for 3 months.

Kim went out backwards with his feet over his head. Here is a video that is similar to what we experienced and the sounds that went with it.

We pray that Kim and his girlfriend, LeAnn, do okay. A comment made as we were leaving was, "Kim will be okay. The Mormons will pray for him." I am guessing that Kim will not ever be drinking that much again or ever.


The Johnson's said...

I kinda makes you wonder why drinking is so appealing????

Anners said...

Okay, you make me laugh. It's a "sheltered" life; not shelter life. It sounds like you live in a shanty or shelter type home. Too funny :)