Monday, February 9, 2009

Saturday night I volunteered at the Wild Game Dinner put on by the Waconia Lions. My friend, Cary, and I were the coffee girls. Cary carried the cups and I poured the coffee. We made a great team. I never want to be a waitress...too hard on your arms and feet and legs. I have a new found respect for wait staff. But I made a lot of new friends - some who didn't have teeth.

At the Wild Game Dinner (I call it "the You Kill 'Em, We Grill 'Em) they had Lake Waconia Sunfish, Walleye, Catfish, Crawfish, Pheasant to Wild Boar and Elk. I tried pheasant - very good, roast pig - very good, rabbit -very good and I choked down the venison. I think it was the way it was prepared. The texture, the flavor...ewww.

I have been kicked in the behind by my Higher Power. I really hate when that happens because I know I have to do something that will be hard for me. But I really appreciate knowing that I am being looked out for and loved by God. So I will do what I am being asked to do. I am willing to be willing.


Jewels said...

That food actually sounds pretty good. It is usually when I think I am doing things right when I get the kick in the behind.

Anonymous said...

You are one of the strongest people I know. Hang in there! If our behinds are kicked enough in just the right way, will they get smaller and rounder? Or does it just flatten them out? Love you!

Laryl said...

I'm shocked they didn't have northern pike! Its tasty!! Not sure I would have been brave enought to try the boar, or rabbit... you're quite adventureous. Hope the butt-kicking is short and painless...unlike mine...which continues....and continues. I guess I'm a hard case!!