Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am getting a bit more organized in the office. I get organized and then I don't. I make piles that grow and spread and need to be conquered before they take over the house. I feel more in control of life.

Dara just finished reading the book "The Yellow Star." She enjoys reading historical books. She asked me why Hitler committed suicide. Wow.

Brannon went snowboarding with his class today. He has a headache and could have a concussion from falling on his head...over and over.

It felt a bit like spring today. It is supposed to snow tomorrow.


The Johnson's said...

Tell Dara I really like that book, and I too LOVE historical books!

Betensons said...

Good luck with Brannon. I am relieved this year that I don't have to worry about snowboarding injuries. Tell him to wear a helmet! and good luck with that one.