Friday, January 2, 2009

Thanks to Annie

My friend Annie called me today. It was really wonderful to hear her voice and to find out that she was an ice skater when she was a kid. She could do spinny things.
I love the things she posts on her blog and one of them was "Use it up, wear it out, or make due."

A sign I have put in our computer room is "Fix it up, Wear it Out, Make Do, Do Without, Cherish" I found it on Heidi Swapp's blog site.

I am not in any way as amazing as Heidi Swapp and I do not scrapbook, but I knew her long ago and sometimes look at her blog to see how perfect her life is. Her life My life is my own. I do not wish to be her. I am glad to be me and have my life. It would be nice to look as amazing as she does.


Jamie said...

Lisa, I always thought you were amazing! Especially your green thumb. I miss walking past your garden...

The Brown Family said...

How do you know Heidi? She lived by me and I used to babysit her. Oh the stories I could tell. I also know her in-laws. Life isn't always as perfect as it seems. Are your nose hair's frozen yet?