Monday, January 12, 2009


Yeah!!! Kelly is home. We survived here. He survived there. Everybody missed everybody. There was not any fighting amongst the savages (the kids and I).

And today, finally, the big snow storm hit. It is supposed to be below zero degrees tomorrow and with the wind chill factored in it will feel like -35 degrees. BRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

My doctor appointment was actually really great. I have not had a woman doctor before, but I figured why not try a change. She gave me a compliment...well, I took as one and have been living on this compliment for a week. As she was giving me the breast exam, she was talking to the VERY YOUNG intern who was training with her, she said "your breast are full and healthy" (or something to that effect). I told her that my husband appreciates them.

She also told me that I need three servings of calcium per day. That is another goal to work on. Sounds easy. I just need to get into the habit of paying attention to my calcium intake.


Jamie said...

I love your response to the compliment! I can totally see you saying that!

Erika said...

I am glad he's home safe.

Anners said...

-35 degrees!!!!! I will be cold for you thinking about it. Put on your longjohns and stay inside with a cup of warm milk (calcium right?)