Thursday, January 22, 2009

My poem:

Fog is in the air. It is really foggy. Fog is fun and scary and snappy.

My tiny thoughts on President Obama.

I am very proud to have him as our president. I hope that his family does well these next 4 years. I hope our country does well these next 4 years. I am glad to have a president who wants the government to be open and honest.

I am glad that Bush and Cheney are gone. I think Cheney and his cronies are a very evil group who did this Nation poorly.


aprilinsalt said...

Right on..

Anners said...

Here is my poem:

The air here is thick
You could stir it with a stick
It makes me feel sick
I want to give it a kick
Inversions are ICK!

Here is another one:

Math 1050 made me cry
I had to say goodbye
Math 1010 is better
It actually sticks in my header
It will set me back 4 hours
but in the end I'll have math power

And lastly:

I miss my friend Lisa
Her poems are swell
Her blog is pretty funny
I think she's a bunny (what can I say - I'm not a poet and I'm REALLY tired)

Take care!