Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Peaceful Christmas

It is Christmas morning...12:59 a.m. Finished wrapping presents...should have done it last week. Stockings are hung by the....credenza with care. Hope the kids sleep in.

Went to a Lutheran Christmas Mass. Beautiful music. Beautiful message. Spent a wonderful evening at Fay Clark's house with the other "orphans." It was, food, belly laughing. Missed the family, though. Got their phone message. Will be calling tomorrow.

More snow in forecast. More cold, but it may heat up to 30 degrees in a couple of days.

Love husband - Kelly. Love kids - Brannon and Dara. Love family in Utah. Love friends in Utah. Love friends here.

Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to praise and honor your birth. Let us bring peace and love to those around us.


Anonymous said...

Ahem, what about family not in Utah? Haha. You got me beat. It's 4:11 am and we just finished wrapping presents. I'm with you on the "should have done it last week" sentiment...question is, do I even bother going to bed now?

The Johnson's said...

Merry Christmas Lisa, to you and your family. Be brave, we miss you too.

Anners said...

Hope you had a very nice Christmas. Love you and miss you. Our kids slept in until 7:10 a.m. - can you believe it? Glad your weather will be warming up - your temps lately have sounded BRUTAL! Take care & happy new year!

Westons said...

thanks for you Christmas card! Hope you had a good one!