Sunday, November 30, 2008


Christmas Tree Time.
I went on a ride in a hay wagon to get the tree. I hung out in a building that had dust and hay. My throat hurts. My nose is running a bit. Dara's nose is stuffy.
Kelly has pine tar in his hair and Dara and I are allergic to the tree. Kelly and Brannon are not allergicists. ?

But it is a beautiful tree. Kelly put the lights on tonight. My throat hurts. Not enough to make me cry. It is annoying. And my voice is changing.

I adore my 50 calorie a cup Lo-Han-Kuo. It is my liquid friend. It makes me happy. Am I an addict? Said in a whisper: "I see addicted people."

I also like it when people I don't know comment on my blog. I like to comment on their blogs. Does that make me a buttinsky? A Nosy McNoserson?


TaMiThA said...

Aww I miss you and Your the best!

Anners said...

I'm happy you got a tree and sorry you have a cold.

M, D, and I have been fighting the remnants of some yucky crud for weeks now. Just call me the hacker, cause I hack (cough) all the time. It's annoying to me and to others.

I had a dream last night that you came home to visit for Christmas. Do you guys have any plans to visit anytime this coming year?

Kynbugs Delight said...

Oh my gosh. I was so excited to see your comment! Ironically, I was just asking Tami if she knew anything about you and where you were a few weeks ago. This is insane!

I tried to email you, and it comes back as undeliverable. Send me your email address, and we can catch up!

Anonymous said...

The hay ride sounds fun! I'm sorry the tree makes you sick though.