Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Straight talk

Last week our Relief Society held an Enrichment Activity. We had over 50 women attend. It was THE BEST activity ever.

In our ward we have a husband and wife who are both ob/gyns. Shannon has been a member of the church for about 4 years. She is just amazing. She came to our RS President's house and we got to ask her questions....about our bodies. We could write them down or just ask. It started at 7:00 p.m. and ended about 9:30 p.m. We could have gone on for another 3 hours.

Here is the best information she gave:

Vitamin D and Fish Oil. Take them. Be happy. Be healthy.

"It is a jungle down there." After pooping and/or peeing, clean yourself with a baby wipe. You get the fishy smells and yeast infections because your rectum is so close to everything else. Clean, clean, clean.

One of the questions was "How do you know if you have had an orgasm?" This was the saddest question I have ever heard. She started talking about how she tells her patients to use a vibrator (never without their husbands) and then she said, "well, I don't know what the Church's stance is on this..." I broke in with "there are these really great stores that sell sex toys. Go to these stores with your husband. Find something that you will both like and use it." Orgasms are not the most important things to have in a marriage, but, boy-howdy, they make it worth-while.

Be kind to your partner. Think nice thoughts about them. Think about why you love them. Do nice things for them.


Dana said...

wow, can I go to your ward?

Anonymous said...

Your thoughts on orgasm reminded me of the show The Golden Girls.
There's an episode where they're talking about their "first times", and Rose asks the other ladies if they had an orgasm during that encounter. Blanche, of course, is shocked that Rose had to ask that. Then Rose says that being with her husband the first time "was nice, but it was 5 years before I knew what made your eyes roll back in your head!"

About the fish oil, my doctor told me to go online and order Carlson's fish oil. It's in liquid form but doesn't taste like fish oil, it tastes like lemons. It has the highest amount of Omega-3's that you can get, and it's also tested to make sure there's not too much mercury or other nasty ocean stuff in it (most fish oil isn't). Anyhow, just thought I'd pass that along. Take it with a grain of salt, I'm sure 90% of what we eat is contaminated somehow.