Sunday, November 2, 2008

Steve the Squirrell is getting very bold. He knows winter is coming. This is right on our deck.The bird feeder has been emppty for a while. Maybe we should help out and put some seed out for Steve and the birds.
My friend, Sarah, made these cookies. I had to close my eyes to eat them...they looked so real!!! I made a pie. A caramel apple pie. Something has happened to me here in MN. I am enjoying cooking. It is so dodgey.


Anonymous said...

Those cookies look nasty but your pie looks great! I am so glad you are doing well out there. Miss ya!

Anners said...

Yeah, why no baking in Murray - I would've loved some pie like that! But, I'll pass on the finger cookies.

Dana said...

The pie looks YUMMY! Please mail me one right away. I'm a little depressed right now and would love to pig on it.