Friday, October 24, 2008

My friend, Jenny, posted this on her blog. I love it. So I am posting it on my blog because she is so smart and what she wrote is great. I didn't tell her I was borrowing it, but I am giving her credit.

"I hate how hateful everyone is. What happened to free speech, and the right to have an opinion? What happened to the constitution? Why must we change it? Why must abortion, and gay marriage be ILLEGAL. I mean, when you make stuff illegal, bad things happen. People have free choice, no? "It's a free country!" No? Doesn't feel like it.How is my neighbor marrying her girlfriend, or the love of his life, going to affect me...honestly. I know all the GOD DID NOT INTEND IT. That's fine and proper and all. But what does changing the constitution, have to do with a civil marriage? What about my sister inlaws, who were married at city hall? God had nothing to do with their marriage. What about all the people married by an internet certified marriage performer? Are they not going to be recognized as married, because god is not involved?What happened to being accepting of all people? Regardless of their gender, race, religion.What happened to teaching children about free choice? How do we teach them about smoking? Do we BAN them from seeing anyone smoking? Do we tell them those people are EVIL, and going to hell, because they are taking bad things into their body? Maybe you do. I don't know. But I tell mine, that yes, it is bad for you, but we all have free agency, and they are choosing to smoke. But are they choosing?How is this different, than homosexuality? I want my kids to know about all different types of people. They learn all kinds of things at school. Isn't it my job, to explain, yes, some people make different choices? What about when someone at school tells them there is no Santa Clause? Or they have two Daddies? How is, the family who doesn't believe in Santa is going to hell, different than the one with two Daddies is going to hell? Or what about families who don't celebrate Christmas at all?Maybe I'm way off base here, but so is EVERYONE!! Obama is a terrorist... Palin is a blithering idiot. I'm so sick of it I could scream!!!! Tell me the FACTS people! Don't come to conclusions based on one sentance out of 30, someone says. I'm so sick of people attacking each other! Can't we just fix it? Fix the economy, fix healthcare. TELL ME how you are going to fix it, insstead of attaching the other guy.Why can we not have simple conversation, with out yelling? Don't get me wrong, I'm guilty of it, but I didn't start it. My final statement? Why can't we just be free to choose? Free to love who we want, free to worship how we want, free to choose where we live, work and go to school. Free to buy the food we want, not what we can afford. This is America, remember...Land of the Free, Home of the Brave? I think someone forgot."

This is me again. I have gay friends. They are smart, nice, respectful and great neighbors. Kelly and I even when to Kathy and Barbara's wedding two years ago. It was about love and respect. I don't peek into their bedroom windows and become offended by what I see.

I have realized that even I have become a bit intolerant of people who are stark-raving mad republicans. I will try to do better in being tolerant of the GOPs.

I also do not think that Sarah Palin is a good example for women. What kind of mom goes back to work 3 days after giving birth? She did not take care of herself and I do not want to be like her. She scares me. And I really am not impressed with her politics.


Anonymous said...

Lisa, I love you! You have such a good heart and love of people and you are accepting of everyone. You are a great example to me and I appreciate you so much. If there's one good thing about being an Amott it's having you in my life. Thanks for the friendship, I will treasure it always.

Jewels said...

If we, as a country can't define what "marriage" is, then it should also be okay for a man to marry more than one wife, a woman to marry more than one man, a man to marry more than one man, a woman to marry more than one wife. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

"How is my neighbor marrying her girlfriend, or the love of his life, going to affect me...honestly."

If gay/lesbian marriages are made legal, LDS bishops would be required by law to perform them. LDS bishops would be excommunicated from the church if they perform gay/lesbian marriages. LDS bishops and temple sealers could then loose their right to perform state marriages. That would make all temple marriages null and void according to each state that allows gay/lesbian marriage. That is how my marriage would be affected. I would have to get married again by some civil authority... and so would you.