Friday, October 17, 2008

Dinner with J. Kranz

The family drove in the St. Paul, MN to meet Jennifer Kranz for dinner. She looks wonderful and the same. It was great to hear stories about Parkside and what is going on. I am especially pleased to hear that the PTA is doing marvelous. Sounds like the women of Parkside are off and running and that it has already been a great couple of months.

She did tell me about the boys sticking very weird things down the toilet and having to have the pipes flushed with a thousand pounds of pressure. Sooooo Grosss!!!! Especially since the backed-up poop was coming up in the hallways. What are these kids thinking? If my kid was involved in that, he would be in some serious trouble.

Brannon and I shared for dessert a Creme Brulee Cheesecake. Words cannot describe it. Wow.


Anners said...

It was hard to make the transition with you from backed up poop to delicious cheesecake. I'll take your word for it!

Glad you had a nice dinner with Mrs. Kranz. I too miss the staff at Parkside.

aprilinsalt said...

Hi Dara, this message is from Sierra and Claire. Claire" We miss you so much, we want to come live with you for like a year.Sierra"i really miss you, Gunnar and Paige moved with their dad. I Like your new hair style A lot. I really miss you." Also Avery misses you. Please give Ms. April your phone number so we can call you. We love you, April,Cameron,Claire, Avery,And Sierra.