Friday, September 26, 2008

The Dark Knight

Kelly and I played hooky today. Kelly took off work and we went to see "The Dark Knight." Oh my goodness!!! What a show. Scary, weird, and sad. But fun to be with Kelly and chat and laugh. Brannon has green hair. It is homecoming week at the high school, but every school in the district (all 4 of them) get involved. There is a football game going on up the street and when they make a touchdown it sounds like they light off a cannon.

Muffins is still living in the office. After spending $270.00 on something, why would you put it back out in the cold world? I think we broke her wild spirit. She is really lovey and purrs and wants to be held. We shall see what happens...


Laryl said...

I'm completely torn about seeing "The Dark Knight". I love action movies...and even liked "Batman Begins", but I've heard that the Joker is really satan-like..and afterall, is played by Heath..who died.(Mark says he got overly consumed with the role he was playing).

So, what I'm it worth seeing?? Or shall I skip it?

Homecoming week sounds fun! Sometimes I wish I lived in a small town!

Anners said...

We'll probably see it when it comes out on DVD. How fun to play hooky - sometimes it's more delicious to have a day off when you know everyone else is working (:

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the Dark Knight yet. I'm waiting for the dollar movies. :) It looks really dark and creepy and wonderful at the same time. We will see. Hey, your stray cat and our stray cats should have a play date. Haha.