Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It's my birthday! I'm more than 1. I'm more than 7. I'm much more than 28. I'm 41!!! I joked at church that I was 28. They believed me. So I guess I should not joke with people that don't know me very well. It is a beautiful 74 degrees outside. And I don't feel old so I guess 41 is the new 28.


The Johnson's said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Anners said...

Happy Birthday. I'm so glad you are bloggin'. We were out of town (Colorado Springs) & just got back today. I'll e-mail you with an invite into our blog.

Your house is so cool - I hope someday I can actually get there to see it in person.

Vickie said...

Hi Lisa! I got your picture and "we moved" note in the mail today. I was so glad to get that and to find out you have a blog so we can keep in touch. We miss you guys around here! It's very sad to not see you on Sundays. But it looks like you live in a really pretty place. Good luck getting rid of all the wallpaper and making it home-y.

I have a blog too, so come check it out. It's

And by the way, we're the same age (28)! hahaha! I loved that everyone believed you.