Friday, August 29, 2014

Book of Mormon the Musical

Went to see The Book of Mormon the Musical last night. I laughed so much I needed water to drink for the ride home. It is funny and, yes, it is crude. I felt that they were not making fun of the LDS Church or the BOM. They poked fun of different cultures and different people. The songs don't lie about what our church believes. The couple sitting next to us were interracial and there was a line in the play about the Lamanites being evil and God cursing them with black skin. But it was funny because they were in Uganda and we either have to laugh about those things or "Turn It Off" as one of the songs stated. There were 3 LDS Church ads in the program. "You have seen the play, now read the book." There were other Mormons in the audience (I believe) because some were wearing white shirts, ties and their missionary name tags. Everyone was laughing. The story about the girl living in a village in Uganda was captivating. The actress had a beautiful voice and sang a lovely song about Salt Lake City being paradise. That made me laugh. I think my favorite line from the show is "I have maggots in my scrotum" being sung. The guy next to us said it was another "Springtime for Hitler." We agreed. We enjoyed the show. It did not shake our testimonies. I still will share my views and testimony with my friends and people who ask about the church. And I will still be the same weird person I have always been. I love funny and sometimes the funnies things are the truest things (think Seinfeld).

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