Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My sister-in-law

Inmate Details


Booking Number:201105201
Booking Date:06/06/2011 Monday
Housing Unit:WC Women
State StatuteCourtBail Fine*Type


Jewels said...

WHAT IN THE WORLD? Can't wait to hear the story.

Anonymous said...

How very Christlike of you to post this for everyone to judge.

Anonymous said...

RE: Anonymous
How very judgey of you to judge her judging. Get over yourself.

We in Minnesota said...

I love the "Christlike" comment. I have not asked you to judge her. I put it up there to be seen by those who may need to check on their children to make sure she is not sending their children harmful material. Apparently you are judging me. I hope you never have to deal with someone who hurts your child.

And to the other Anonymous: Thank you for your wonderful comment. We should go out to lunch.

We in Minnesota said...

And P.S. First Anonymous: This is my blog and I can post anything I want on it. Maybe you should go to the blog "Things I want to punch in the face." Love it. I can be snarky, spiritual and funny on my blog. I don't come to your house and tell you how to feel or live. Get your own blog and blog about all those judgment people that you are judging.

Wow, I feel so much better. Thanks for letting me vent. Hope you feel better also. Maybe you just need a good poop.

April said...

Haha. Oh Lisa. I just read through these comments, they made me laugh. I agree... if we want to be judgmental on our own blogs, we can. That's why it's YOUR blog. Sometimes people try to portray their perfect selves on their blogs, but in reality they would do all the same judging within the privacy of their home anyway. It's up to us how honest we want to be with our public thoughts on whatever subject, and while I sometimes get annoyed with people who constantly complain or point out the negative, I also get annoyed with people who are fake and pretend to always be happy/perfect. I like your honesty and bluntness. Haha, I love you Lisa!

Curious said...

If this is true, and it was for the crime you say... in other things you have posted you mentioned the "harmful material" was sexual in nature... why is she not on sex offenders lists?

what were the circumstances regarding the crime, you put very little details up which makes me think there is a lot more to this story.

We in Minnesota said...

There is more to the story. She sent a picture of her genitalia to a minor child of 14 years old. She pleaded guilty to a Class A Misdemeanor. She was sentenced to 365 day in jail, but the time was suspended for 275 days. She served 90 days in the Davis County Jail and she is on probation for 24 months. She has to complete Sex Offender "A" Conditions (whatever those are?).

She is a sex offender in my mind. Someone who grooms a child for a year and then sends them the kind of picture she did has something terribly wrong with them.