Monday, January 10, 2011

Pictures from the past

This is Brannon and Dara last winter in our back yard.

Brannon, King of the Pink Nipple People, on a camp with the young men, 2010

Brannon being mean to his sister, I mean, playing nicely at our friend's pool.

Brannon - winter, 2009

Christmas Tree at the Amott's 2010

Dara as Athena, Halloween 2010.  Kelly and Dara made the helmet and shield.

Dara at the Relay for Life, 2010

Dara, Summer 2010

Dara wearing our Christmas tree skirt, 2010

Dara in pool ignoring her brother who is teasing her.

Dara, Summer 2010

Brannon. the Mighty Hunter.  Love the pink boots.

Kelly and Dara at Relay for Life, 2010

Kelly and Dara, Best Friends, Winter, 2009

Lisa is thinking about nudging Dara's behind into the pond.  It would have been something Lisa might have regretted doing...but not for long.

Lisa, Brannon and Dara at our cute cabin we rented, Summer 2010


Erin said...

Cute pictures Lisa!! I think that you should have pushed her in....:) At least there are no pictures from our retreat in awkward "positions"

Tim and Kathryn said...

I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing! I sure miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Go Minnesota People! I'm from Minnesota

Vickie said...

It kinda freaks me out to see how grown up your kids are! :)