Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas is coming too fast. The year is ending too soon. A slippery slope that I am sliding on.

My house always seems full of people. Brannon's friends, elders, us. Sometimes Dara's friends. Brannon friends are just all so tall and all boy.

Thanksgiving was nice. We ate at someone else's house and then came back to our house and played games. Of course, we had to play Tripoly, the traditional game of Thanksgiving. I actually won.

I am trying to keep my house somewhat clean and organized daily. HA HA HA.

My women's group is doing Christmas for two families. One of the families has....11 children!!!! WHAT THE ****?!!!???

My kids are getting new beds for Christmas. Whoo Hoo! They are excited.

The lunch lady who takes the money at the middle school is a Bitchy McBitcherson. Ornery!!! I smile at her and am nice, but she is crabby.

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