Tuesday, December 10, 2013


My church is in Minnesota.  It snows in Minnesota.  Usually a lot.  Our church has shovels to take care of the thinner sidewalks around the building.  There is one long sidewalk in front of the church next to the road.  This sidewalk does not get shoveled when it snows during the week.  One of my friends lives by this sidewalk, using this sidewalk to walk her dogs.  Last year I tried to get this taken care of for her by having church leaders talk to Facilities Maintenance or to the company who plows the parking lot.  Apparently, plow company does not want to be in charge of shoveling the big ice chunks the city puts on the sidewalk from plowing the road or even the snow that God gives us.

Winter has started again.  Quite a bit of snow has fallen.  Long sidewalk still not snowblowed (not a real word) or shoveled.  Crazy woman in skirt and rain boots is out shoveling by hand because really nice looking snow blower will not start.  It is finicky.  This is Minnesota!  A snow blower is very important in Minnesota.  I am just now starting to feel the effects of my...I mean, of crazy woman's shoveling wear off.  Crazy woman is getting old.  Crazy woman did have a bit of help from missionaries, but did most by herself.  



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