Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Great Things Done in Waconia and other stuff

81 kids attend head-shaving party for classmate with cancer

Waconia Patriot Newspaper Article

And here is a letter I sent to be published in the Waconia Patriot.  Sometimes I just can't stand by and let bullies be...well...bullies.  If you want to read the letters that were published, here they are:
My letter:
I want to thank The Patriot for all the wonderful local news it shares.  I moved here over four years ago and really enjoy the section "Down Memory Lane."  I love reading about the wonderful craziness that happened 75 to 100 years ago in the Village of Waconia.  There are so many awe-inspiring people in this community.  The friends I have made while living and serving in this community are too many to count. 

I have also learned that Carver County has more Republican/Tea Party followers than Democrat/Liberal followers.  This is great.  We need difference in our lives to appreciate what we have.  I would like to let Bruce Helmer (Dec. 13, 2012 Opinion) of Chanhassen know that there are a few people who really like the way he thinks and enjoyed his letter.   I am proud to be a modern day liberal who likes Democrat talking points. 

I enjoyed the short, readable letter of Bruce Helmer.  I could not get through the "teachable moment" of Joe Polunc's response.  When Joe states, "While space doesn’t allow a full rebuttal, the more egregious assertions will be covered" I cringed.  The length of Joe's response was ridiculously long.  I do believe everyone has a right to express their opinions, but I am glad that I can turn the page of the newspaper and read something else.  I must admit that I could not read Joe's entire response.   It was like reading tax code.  I did, however, read the end of his tirade.  After such crassness, I was offended to read his ending, "Merry Christmas to all the readers and say a prayer for the folks in Newtown."  Those few words of kindness didn't do it for me.  I enjoy snarky, but never at the expense of great sadness for a community who has suffered so much loss of human life...especially the lives of children. 

Joe, I offer up this challenge:  write something from your heart, something about the kindnesses you have seen in the community.  Write about the joy of being who you are, having the people you have in your life and why they are wonderful.  No politics.  No anger.  Just what is good in your heart.  

And it is the start of 2013.  Kelly has a new job with Target.  Yeah!!!  The kids are getting smarter and more beautiful every day.  This is the year of no whining.  I am the Primary Bouncer in church.  The official calling is Primary Secretary.  I think the Mormon churches should be built with a track and play area.  Three hours of church expecting kids to sit still and be reverent.  I want human-sized hamster balls for the kids to roll around in.  

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