Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I have been working at the middle school and helping out with Summer School and in the office during the afternoons.  It has been really good to be able to help.  I do miss sleeping in and just doing my own thing in the garden and at home, but the kids are doing well with me gone during the day and I think they miss me.

In one class, School Skills, we write down 3 things we are grateful for.  Here are some of mine:

1.  I got a little more sleep last night than the night before.
2.  I read about someone dying of cancer who has a really good attitude.
3.  My family helped make my birthday a good day and they love me even though I disappoint them.

1.  The sun is shining and helping the plants grow.  The rain at night is also wonderful.
2.  My husband put in our new waterheater by himself.
3.  My son is away from home on a history trek and he called to check in and to say he is homesick.

1.  My organizational skills.
2.  Sleep
3.  Feedom without war.

1.  My husband is a good man and loves our kids and is not creepy.
2.  The kids at school are trying hard and are very interesting.
3.  Holding 4 month old Adella for hours yesterday at school in the office.  She is very good.  We watched videos.

1.  Clean, folded and put away laundry
2.  Sleeping a good, dreamless sleep
3.  Beautiful flowers in my garden.

1.  Homemade ice cream that I make and share with people I like.
2.  Friends who eat my ice cream.
3.  Looking in the mirror, seeing laugh lines on my face and white hairs on my head and knowing that my story of how I got each of them is priceless and I am who I am because of the loves and losses, trials and joys of my life.

It all depends on how I look at life.

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Jewels said...

I need to be doing that every day also. Sometimes it is hard to find things to be grateful for, but I think I can find at least three. I'm glad your summer is going well and busy.