Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We finally saw a raccoon on the road that was not dead.  Raccoons are not very fast crossing the highways so I now understand why there are millions dead on the roads.  I thought the head raccoons sent out the sick, old or crazy raccoons on some "secret mission across the street" so they could get rid of them.

To the crazy guy behind me the other day on the freeway:

If I am merging on another freeway and all the people around me are going 10 mph because traffic is moving slowly, you do not need to honk and yell at me and look at me like I am crazy because I left a car length open in front of me.  I did not learn to drive in MN and, therefore, am not a tailgater like you.  Okay, I apologize.  I might have had two car lengths in front of me.  But you never know when someone will slam on their brakes and I don't want to be in the other car's backseat.  Literally.  Or maybe you were mad because someone was in front of you or I was driving a red car or you had to poop and there was no where to pull over.

I think that tailgaters don't like to be alone on the road.  That is why they travel in packs.  Gangs of tailgaters moving across the city, not wanting to be alone.

Not these kinds of tailgaters:

Photo of regular tailgaters

May this is the answer.

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