Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring has finally sprung.  It is still quite rainy.  But the flowers are growing and the trees are blooming with color and fragrance.

There was a tornado that hit North Minneapolis.  It did quite a bit of damage.  Scary things happening out in the world.

I spoke in Church on Sunday, then I said the prayer in Sunday School and then the prayer in Relief Society.  I guess they missed me while I was in Nursery.  On the topic of Nursery, I am having a hard time letting go of not being in charge of it.  I miss being a "mother bear" with regard to the room and the snacks and the kids.  I guess part of me really enjoyed that calling.  What is wrong with me?  I was in there for 15 months.  I needed to be with adults.  But I miss it....a bit.

I am also doing well on a little project I call "Forgiveness."  It is a small thing that is actually really hard to do.  I have been working on this project for over 8 years.  But I really think I have overcome a major hurdle.  I realized, in my heart and brain, that I have no control over this person or what she does or who they hurt.  Logically, I knew that all along.  But my heart and soul were taking longer to understand that.  I believe this person and I were linked together and I always seemed to know when they were doing something wrong.  I always wanted to stop them from doing the wrong thing, but I CAN'T.  And that finally clicked.  Yeah!!!

Now I get to move on to something else.  Being in bed by 10:30 on weeknights.  Why am I such a night owl?

The frogs have been chirping.  I watched a kestrel catch a small bird in its talons in our yard.  The birds are so wonderful, except when they run into our windows and break their tiny necks and die.  The swallows are back and I watched two of them mate.  It was so "nature channel."  It was great.  I love living here (especially when winter is over).

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Nivix said...

By what u say, the place u live in must be great... Post some recent photos of ur place:)