Thursday, August 12, 2010


There is snarky humidity in the air. It reaches out and touches me and makes my skin all sticky and wet. It makes snarky comments against my hair and my face and my back and my body reacts by sweating...alot.

The Carver County Fair is in session. It is like seeing "The People of Walmart" blog in real life. See...snarky humidity.

Dara went to the fair today. Deep fried oreos, etc. Anything you can think of to deep fry and more. Dara saw a pygmi goat that looked like a "goat-cow." ? What? And big pigs.

Brannon is 15 years old as of yesterday. So, if I got married when I was almost 22 and I have a 15 year old that would make me 37. Actually I like being 43. But those 15 years have gone by really fast. Too fast. But I am guessing my mom is saying that the last 43 years have gone by too fast for her.

And there is still laundry to do.


Cheryllyn said...

Laundry never, ever, ever goes away. Ever. I think it uses snarky humidity to breed. Sometimes I think it does it out of spite and the humidity makes it worse. Stupid humidity. There needs to be a laundry squasher like a bug spray to keep it from spreading. That is all. :)

Jewels said...

I saw on the weather news, that it is going to be INCREDIBLY HOT for you guys, meanwhile, we are have a cold day of about 82 degrees. Tell Brannon...Happy Berfday! Something in the mail is coming for him. 15?! 3 more years and he will be considered an adult and be able to move out if he wants to. Crazy Times.

Nicole said...

It is so hot isn't it? I'm glad we'll be getting a break soon. I was at the Carver County Fair last night. I love going 'cuz I grew up going to that fair. But, yes, I agree. You do see all types at the fair.