Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I usually think of myself as a fairly judgmental person. That is until I meet someone REALLY judgmental. I then want to become a non-judgmental person. Why is that?

Someone told me yesterday that he feels that the Obama Administration is doing Gadianton-like sneakiness. I calmly told him that I felt that the full 8 years of the Bush Administration were very Gadianton-like. What I have come to figure out in my mind is that politicians are a peculiar breed of person and I, calmly, need to figure out what I like and/or dislike about what is happening. Can I change the world? No. But if we all worked together with kindness and patience and respect we would change the world.

When I was asked if I like what Pres. Obama has done so far, I told him that I was glad that the Health Care Reform passed because I believe that all children should have access to health care. My friend told me that people have the choice as to whether they have health care or not. They just need to make more money and spend it on important things like health care. Hmmm...

I also met a crazy woman at church on Sunday. She is new in the area. My crazy detector was beeping like mad. She is very nice. She has lots of tattoos. This does not make her a bad person or a crazy person. It is the look in her eyes that is scary. She also prayed for a little boy in our church to get a new Nintendo game. It came from her heart. The friend I talked about above in this post was a lot more harsh about her than I ever wanted to be.

So, I am guessing that friend is judgmental about me and my ideas. That is okay. I will just try to be patient and keep my snarky comments about him to myself.

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The Weston's said...

Hey you! I think we are the only two people who like Obama. lol. Nice to know someone shares my thoughts- And I personally think that the Health Care Bill is great too.