Monday, April 26, 2010

We have three missionaries. But apparently, we will be down to two again. Two of our missionaires are really messy. I think one of them is leaving.

I am still in Nursery at church. I get really hot in there with children sitting on my lap. Lots of mini hot flashes. I have to say that it is okay being away from everyone, except there are all these new people moving in and I don't know them.

Plants are growing. I need to get some tulips planted in my yard for next year because I don't have any because I keep forgetting to plant them and the people who lived here before us did not plant lots of fun things. I want fun things in my yard.

School is almost over. Summer is almost here. Spring just began. My children are getting very grown.

I got a speeding ticket in Buffalo, MN. I do not really know where Buffalo is. I did not know I was speeding. Now I do.

Here come the missionaries...only Elder Howard. He is going up by Duluth, Elder Simpson is going to the Uptown Ward, and we are getting Elder Spencer who was just released from being THE ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT. Weird. Do we have to bow down to him? Should we get special toilet paper for their bathroom?


Erin said...

Don't forget to pay your ticket...Or I can tell you what happen's.
Thanks so much for the ride Saturday, and I enjoyed spending time with you.

De España said...

I went to jail for not paying a speeding ticket. And yes, you must bow to the AP.