Monday, February 8, 2010

These are the shiny eyes of our cats hiding at the top of the stairs from the missionaries that live in our basement. Elder Chamema would chase Big around and try to catch her. One time he flew four feet through the air and landed on Big. This is why she hides when she hears them coming up the stairs or hears Elder Chamema's voice.

This is a tree in our front yard with frost hanging from the berries. It was just pretty. The next day the frost was gone.

Christmas morning. Elder Chamema (L) and Elder Parmley (R). Elder Parmley got those hats from someone who loves him.

Elder Parmley and his wonderful hat. I am thinking that last sentence with a snarky voice.

Snow, snow and more snow.

Big in her holiday attire. She slunk around the house, flat on the floor for a while.

Kelly made chili and Dara does not like tomatoes. It really is a piece of art the way she arranged the tomatoes on the plate.

Elder Chamema and Brannon. Elder Smith is behind Elder Chamema. Just one of the fun days of Christmas with three missionaries who were a bit out of control during the holiday season. I was premenstral and peri-menapausal. I wanted to squish them like blueberries.

Elder Chamema getting his hair cut. Kelly likes to rub his hair because it is so soft. But his hair gets EVERYWHERE when Kelly cuts it.

A really beautiful sunrise.

Dara dressed like this for Halloween. No! We are not beating her.

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Tim and Kathryn said...

That Dara is so cute!! And if I had to wake up to that recorder I would hid it for the future.