Friday, January 29, 2010

Cold and Like Batman

The weather needs to be done being cold. It is sunny today. That is misleading. It is still 0 degrees. It is really lovely when there is a breeze. The cold goes right through your clothes, your skin, muscles and bones. I think I have the disease WAD. Weather Adjusting Disease. WAD...when you want to kick the cold out of your life. WAD...when you start to really want a Slanket.

My children were not lovely this morning. There were laser beams shooting out of their eyes at me. Scary.

I was told by a boy at the middle school, when he was mad a me for following him out of class (that is my job), that I am "like Batman. Always there and silent." I need to make up business cards with that slogan on them.

This is what talking to my son is sometimes like:


Jewels said...

Just about 6 or 7 months from now it might actually start to get a little warm there. Ha Ha. Hang in there.

Cherran said...

I feel your pain with the cold. love ya Cherran