Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Christmas Time. The snow is falling. It is cold...but not so cold that your skin falls off with the frozen-ness of it all.

We now have a third Elder living in our basement. Three extra sons. Wow.
They can be just as annoying as my own children. So I guess that means I love them...or at least like them a bit. The new elder has a ....I don't know if I can even say it or type it outloud...okay, here it goes...a Snuggie! (Warning: swearing)

Yesterday was the Holiday Program at Dara's school. They sang Hanukkah songs and Christmas songs. They even talked about the birth of Jesus Christ. It was really nice.

Dara got braces on her four top front teeth. She looks so...tweenish. She is actually doing okay. Next week she gets an expander. What the...? The changes that have been made in 35 years of orthodontistry. It is amazing.


Taisley Weston said...

I think that Snuggies are ridiculous!!! lol.

Jewels said...

Our whole family has one! NOT!
Merry Christmas to you all. We miss you too.

Jewels said...

FYI. I got married a little over 11 years ago and so my last name changed from Schow to Petersen. I like the way you wrote out the kids Christmas check.

neeleys in olympia said...

your funny!