Friday, September 11, 2009

We arrived home to MN safe and sound. Well, I did lose my voice after screaming at the kids in Afton, Iowa. I was fed up with their bickering...mean teasing. They actually did really well for the most part.

We had a great time visiting family and friends. The nieces and nephews are getting so big and are fun to chat with. I even got little Sam to come sit on my lap. Sloan, who is 3, is just a smiler and so cute. She likes to look at you so closely that your eyes cross looking at her.

Visiting with friends was also fun. The kids hung out and I got to hang out. Knowing that Parkside Elementary has not really changed since I have been gone is refreshing and sad. There are the great, wonderful, supportive parents and then there are the angry, bitter, mean, only come to the Halloween Parade, never show their faces at Parent Teacher Conference parents. The kids are so cute and have great potential. Some of them just have so many weird issues. Thank you Cherran Zullo, Jennifer Kranz, Kathy Petersen and the teachers for helping them try to do their best.

I cleaned and organized Cherran's office closet. I was almost attacked by some green monster living in there. She can't live without me.

My parents are doing great. The best comments was from my dad about Dara, "She is so kind and considerate to everyone around her."

School has started. Yeah!!!!!! Brannon is in high school. He seems excited to go to school and is not so freaked out about it. I hope he does well scholastically.

Some of the leaves have started to change color and drop to the ground. The Steves (squirrels) are frantically hiding walnuts around the garden.

The missionaries have moved in to our basement. Strange, but getting used to it. They are very nice young men.

I chatted with an employee at Home Depot about the Mormon Church. What is happening to me?!!!


Tim and Kathryn said...

I'm glad you had a safe drive home and stayed sane! :)

Jewels said...

Those MN Mormons are brainwashing you!

Linda said...

You will be happy to know Cherran cleaned out her box this week. It had papers in it from last year. It was great to see you all again.