Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th was busy. Church breakfast that I am in charge of, then home to clean and make three batches of homemade ice cream, then making potato salad, off to a bar-b-q, then off to Bloomington (40 minutes away) for a baptism, then home by 8:00 for our ice cream social. Whew!!! And it was all great. Especially the chocolate and peppermint ice creams. And we had a lot of fun people to watch the fireworks with.

We did miss the Murray, Utah parade. "Bring out your women!" And our annual brunch/hang out and talk.

We are getting our basement ready for the LDS missionaries to move in. Well, actually Kelly is doing all of the work, with some help from ward members. How is it that we, the Damnit Amotts, got so involved with the missionaries?

Dara is playing softball and has hit 8 times in a row!!! We are so proud of her. At first she was scared of the ball, but she is going gangbusters.

Bran is loved, but has a hard time realizing it. He is almost 14. Will I survive him? Will he survive us?


Erika said...

Brannon is a stud. I believe him and Nicole have somehow, telepathically rubbed off on each other. They sound very similar with their moods and thoughts and...sassiness? And I believe one of Bran's cousins has a crush on him but shhhh don't tell. LOL Where are we, Arkansas or something??

Betensons said...

Send me some peppermint ice cream!!! It sounds like you had a fun 4th. i worked the whole weekend and missed all the family stuff. The kids sound like their doing great. Believe me it will get better with Brannon.
I saw a guy the other day wearing a t shirt that said Waconia.

Matilda said...

The Murray Parade has turned into a billboard for local business and polatician. Maybe it was before, and I was just grumpy sitting there alone... :( Still wouldn't miss it.

Nick is bad too... wish you were here. We could take them to the MPD again... *sigh*

I lOVE that you are so into the missionaries! So perfect for the Damit Amotts! Welcome to the mission field... ok, about a year late, but still!

And a baptism on the 4th? What the hell??? ;)

Love you!

Tim and Kathryn said...

Nice job Dara!! And way to get through your busy fourth.