Saturday, June 6, 2009

We have been having a drought in MN. Very strange for a State with over 10,000 lakes. But today it is raining and raining. It is very pretty and green and lots of plants growing.

Brannon apparently gets to move onto the 9th grade...high school. He brought some of his grades up. His language arts went from an F to a C. Whoo Hoo!!!!!

Dara also gets to move up to 4th grade. She is the brainiac in the family. She also get to be on School Patrol next year. She will be Hall Duty and Crossing Guard. She may even try out for 4th Grade Honor Choir.

We have been praying for our friend Brian Blake. He has a form of leukemia but is doing well. We love him and his family and are grateful to have them in our lives. They also have a great Ward that is very supportive and loving.

I went to Utah a couple of weeks ago. It was really great fun to see family and friends. I slept in my old bedroom. It was so small. I think my parents cut it in half.

All of Dara's friends from last year have grown so much. But, so has Dara. Seeing everyone at Parkside Elementary was great. Miss them all. Miss my family. It was fun spending a little bit of time with my mom. She is a wonderful woman. My children miss her, Papa and Amy. And the rest of the family with all the cousins that are growing up so fast.


Danika said...

I met your homeschooling friend from Murray yesterday at convention. She seemed very nice.

Anners said...

Glad you had a good trip to Utah (sorry I didn't get to see you)!

I would love to see your kiddos too - Meg was just talking about Brannon the other day (wondering how he was doing).

Take care and have a great summer!