Sunday, June 7, 2009

I love to hear my children laugh. It is strange to hear my son laugh now because he sounds a lot like my brother, Steve. And then I smile because it is fun to remember holding Steve down and breathing in his ear. He hated that. And then I remember how infuriating his laugh can be...when he is winning a game or teasing. My brother has a really infectious laugh...even when you don't want to laugh. So does Brannon.

My brother-in-law, Spencer, has a really infectious laugh also. It can be most infuriating when he asks you to play the "triangle game." Don't ever play the "triangle game." It is NOT a game. The more confused you get...the more Spencer would laugh. He has a great laugh.

I am still really not enjoying peri-menopause. The irritability, the hot flashes, the night sweats...especially the night sweats. Waking up with an inch of sweat on just one part of your body. I don't get it. Why is my chest just hot? or why is my stomach just hot? Are there little tiny workers with blow torches fixing parts of my body at night? Then you throw the sheets off to get air and you freeze. So you are wet and cold. So much fun being a woman.

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