Monday, March 23, 2009

I saw a dead opossum on the highway. I guess this picture proves they are just as ugly in life as in death. Who knew?

Kelly is on his way to Anniston, Alabama. A CBS 60 Minutes investigation revealed Anniston to be among the most toxic cities in the country. The source of local contamination was a Monsanto chemical factory, which closed years ago, but left a legacy of cancer-causing PCBs in the local dirt, air and water. The lead-in to the story states:

"Imagine a place so saturated with toxic, cancer-causing chemicals that it's in the dirt people walk on, the air they breathe - even the blood that pumps through their veins. The 24,000 people living in Anniston, Ala., don't have to imagine this. Many of them are living it. In fact, they have been living it for decades - they just didn't know it. The company responsible didn't tell them, and neither did the Environmental Protection Agency."

Sounds like a great place to live AND visit. They must buy a lot of bottled water.
It is also home to the country's largest chair.
Cow Cow Davenport was also born in Anniston. Charles Edward "Cow Cow" Davenport (1894 - 1955) was an American boogie woogie piano player. His family did not like his musical aspirations and so in the 1920s he joined Banhoof's Traveling Carnival, a medicine show.
Sounds like the life.

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