Monday, January 26, 2009

Whys, Whats and I Knows

Why do cats like to lick plastic?

Why does our cat Big like to attack our feet?

What goes through our cat Little's brain? She has her little jobs she does. In the morning, she hangs out outside our exercise room, then she follows me upstairs to get my robe, sits outside the bathroom door as I shower, follows me upstairs again, sits on the computer desk while I type, lays on my bed all day (to protect it against monsters, I suppose), and at night she comes to tell me it is time for bed.

Why don't my kids know how to get out another roll of toilet paper when they have used up the previous one?

I know why 30 degrees feels so warm after having weeks of negative degree weather. But why do teenagers feel the need to wear shorts when it is 30 degrees? Duh!

I know that I hate exercising, but feel better when I do it.

I know that I made a really good Apple/Cranberry Pie last night.

Why do I miss my husband so much when he is gone, yet we talk on the phone every day.

Why do my kids whine at me, growl at me and hiss at me? What am I? A mother?

I know not to drive onto the side of the road in Minnesota because the snow hides the ditch that you will get stuck in. Then you have to have your son flag down a guy in a truck who luckily has a tow rope and pulls you out. Thank you to the nice young man who did this for me on Saturday.

I know that my children will open up to my friends about their lives...even when I am sitting right there. It is nice to have great friends that my children like.

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TaMiThA said...

And there is great leaders out there like you that people can confide in to!