Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Brannon is taking the guitar class. I think he secretly likes it, but he came home the first night and said in his really deep voice, "I am the oldest kid in there. They are all little kids." Okay, so when you are in 8th grade little kids are any smaller than you...7th and 6th graders.

I am admitting to something that is a bit embarrassing.

I did not learn how to properly take pills until I was 28 years old. Up until then, I would push the asprins/vitamins down the back of my throat and quickly swallow water while gagging. Sometimes this worked. Most of the time I would have to gag myself numerous times before the pills would go down or they just disintegrated in my mouth and tasted bad.

After I gave birth to Brannon and had to take a pain pill in front of the nurse, I figured I needed to put on my big girl panties and do it right. I have not had any trouble since then and can take numerous pills AT THE SAME TIME. Woo Hoo!!!

Dara has a boy who is a friend. His name is Calvin. She sits next to him in class. He makes her laugh. Sometimes he is annoying to her. Today Dara erased his password and he got mad. I think Calvin likes Dara.

Dara really likes multiplication and division. She is reading the Diary of Anne Frank. Her life is very boring. But I say, "Bored people are boring."

From Dara: "I hate snowshoeing. It hurts your legs. You get really sweaty. I think Mr. Lee, the gym teacher, is trying to kill the students. We went around the Gale Woods and the snow shoes are heavy. We didn't stop and we had to go up a hill. But luckily there was a log that saved me. Tomorrow the boys have to do it. And Brannon is a ding-a-ling because he talks about his nipple hair. And he walks around with his shirt off and I think it is gross because he is my brother."


Erika said...

Hahahahaha! I can't stop laughing. I love your kids!!! Tell Brannon that Nicole is taking guitar lessons, too, and she is the youngest person in her class and she feels like a dork. I will never know when Trevor has nipple hair because he refuses to talk about "growing up issues" as he calls them with his mom. Maybe when he's 13 he will. Oh yeah. Nicole wants Dara to email her. Her email is

Jewels said...

I couldn't swallow pills either until after Jonathan was born. But I still can't take multiple pills at one time.

The Johnson's said...

TMI on the whole Brannon nipple hair thing! Tell Dara that Elisabeth OFTEN tells me she is bored! Makes me crazy! Good luck with guitar and friends who are boys! P.S. Marci finally got released from Scouts... bad news she was made Primary President. Can't she have a nice job in the library!?

Jamie said...

kids are so funny! I would love to have an opportunity to go snow-shoeing. And it would be even better if I didn't have to plan / organize / co-ordinate anything and I could just show up and a whole snow-shoeing adventure would be planned for me and 25 of my friends!

Tell Dara, hey at least *she* doesn't have nipple hair!