Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My sister, Julie, thinks that the anonymous water drinker/tea drinker is Steve. Not the squirrel, but my brother. HMMMMM? I wonder. That would really surprise me if my brother were a water/tea drinker. I picture him leaning back in a comfy chair, watching wrestling, eating something made from fake cheese and drinking a Near Beer. Okay, just kidding. Anonymous Water Drinker: another hint? or please show yourself?

Here is a video Kelly made of me making the pie. He wants it on the blog. So I am putting it on the blog, but not because I think I am cute.


Anners said...

Your adorable JuLISA Child! If I had time I'd call you and chat. One of these days I really will. That pie looks yummy!

Dana said...

oh score Kelly, he totally gets points for that!

Matilda said...

What a cute hubby you have. Can't believe you are cooking! No really, I can. Good on ya mate!

Anonymous said...

This is you anonymous water drinker. No I am not a relitive. But I do miss you. Sounds like you are doing good. When are you going to come and see us all? I was also celebrating about the president elect!!!