Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I had about 11 ladies over for lunch today. It is the Eating Without Children Ladies Lunch. We do this once a month at someone's house. It is potluck. It is just fun to get together and eat, laugh and talk. So my house got clean...thank you very much. If it gets messed up this is what I may sound like.

Oh, wait, I take medication for that. I'm fine. Just fine.


Erika said...

Haha! Thank goodness for medication! My kids LOVE me on mine. Hehehe.

Matilda said...

That is TOO funny! Glad you had a fun lunch!!

Miss you!

Get on freakin facebook will you already!!?!?

The Brown Family said...

This made me laugh. This is how my cats were when Ben told me to domesticate them.

Dana said...

oh yeah, that cat will get adopted really soon I'm sure.