Thursday, November 13, 2008

Can's see what I'm typing

Little makes a better door than a window.

Okay, so tell me people...why should I be on Face Book? What is so great about it? What is not so great about it? Cat still in my way. Little ... ha ha ha what at name for a large cat. At least she is not on the key board. That would be very badkdjakfljsdmmd. woops.


Matilda said...

Are other people besides me bugging you too?

It's just fun. It's kind of like a blog, but less work. :) It's jsut a great way to keep in touch, and know what people are up to. You can put pictures on, write people little love notes, voice your opinion for the day!

It's just entertaining is all. And it's fun to find long lost friends!

As for bad, I suppose if you don't want people to find you... ;)

I would be interested in why people DON'T like it! I like to hear both sides ya know...

Betensons said...

Now I know who hates my christmas music. P.S. just turn off the sound.
I miss seeing you guys. It sounds like your doing great.

Laryl said...

Why Facebook? No need to come up with stories, you can "poke" your friends, and send them flair, or ornaments or goofy little presents,..compete in little quirky quizzes, and catch up (in small ways) with the people you've lost...whats not to like? I like it because its low-maintenance...but it can be a total time-sucker. And as someone who is too private/boring/lazy to do a blog...its a nice alternative. I totally think you need one!!

Erika said...

I am on facebook and have no clue what to do with it. Blogging is so much easier for me.

Jamie Smith said...


A funny happened in Relief Society and I had to tell you about it...Erin (Yates) Madrigal was teaching the lesson and she asked, "What can we do to have wonderful marriages? How can we treat our spouses?"

Lots of people said really normal things like:
spend time together
serve your spouse
write them nice love notes in their lunches
Then Linda Wilde said "All the sex they want!" Of course, everyone busted a gut! It was funny. (I mean, can you really say things like that in front of sweet little Mildred Van Den Akker?)

I told Linda later that I appreciated her comment and she said "I guess that's just the influence of Lisa Amott coming out in me." So you are gone but definitely not forgotten!

Jamie Smith

Anonymous said...

no, yes, and yes. So I thinjk you are closer by the questions you are asking.

wilde said...

Ewe I can't believe my mom said that! My parents don't do that! I think I'm going blind now from having just read Jamie's comment.

The Johnson's said...

I love kitties! Isn't that weird how smart they are and get right in your way, or under you feet! I used to love to do puzzles as a kid and my cat would always sit right where I wanted to work on.