Thursday, October 16, 2008

What I see and what I have been up to

This is Muffins coming out of the office, finally. She spent about 1 week in there after her surgery. Look very closely into the hall area. You can see Big in the basket. All you can see are her eyes shining.

My beautiful double begonias.

This is the view from my reading/relaxing with a magazine chair.

This is the view looking out onto my deck from the sun room
This is a view from where I exercise. I hate exercising, but with feeling so much better after I do AND this view to look at while I'm suffering...who wouldn't exercise?
A view from my desk.

This is the bookshelf in my exercise room/one of our front door foyers.
My eliptical trainer

Look close and you can see Steve the Squirrel.

More begonias and whatever those pink things are...probably begonias or something else.

This is Muffins. She has made herself at home as our third cat. She is laying on the clean clothes.

This is our Candy Corn Pumpkin. We picked it at the Christmas Tree Farm.

Beautiful fall colors.
I can see this tree from my bedroom window when it is morning and I am waking up. This is the view from our yard.
View of the lake and pretty trees.


Anners said...

It is sooooo pretty where you live! What an amazing house and view. It sounds like you love it there. Is it starting to feel like home?

EJA said...

I love your house! The "pink things" look like Dahlias to me.