Friday, October 31, 2008

Thought Things

Gas prices are down to $2.14. Can you say "Woo Hoo!!"

I drink both room temperature water and cold water. Sometimes I add ice cubes, just because it makes the water colder faster. I also enjoy tea. My favorite is Lo-Han-Kuo. I sigh during a good urination. I try really hard to drink 2.2 liters of water each day. I have succeeded twice in that endeavor. I love a good 2-ply toilet paper. The 1-ply is just torture. I also can't figure out who the anonymous is that wrote about the water he/she drinks. It is probably my b-i-l Spencer. I know it is not my mom because she is allergic to water. Coke is her preferred drink.

No Halloween Parade at school. The kids don't even dress up. They do have parties. The only reason I miss the Parade is because I got to sit with friends and laugh.

Yesterday's temperature was 70 degrees. Today is supposed to be somewhere in the 60s. Beautiful.

A movie everyone should see: "Lars and the Real Girl." It is a wonderful movie.

These next items are taken from Nick Coleman, a columnist for the Star Tribune, MN.

We cannot afford to subsize the rich anymore. It's time for the rich to be taxed at the same rates paid by the middle class and the poor.

The wealthiest 1 percent of taxpayers pay combined state and local taxes, including business taxes, at a rate that is a third lower than rates paid by the middle class.

Tax fairness is popular again.

This fall's presidential campaign has included a loud debate over Barack Obama's plan to cut taxes for the middle class while raising taxes on the wealthy, which Obama defines as persons making more than $250,000 a year. John McCain has attacked Obama's plan, and proposed to cut everyone's taxes (the rich would save the most) while increasing the government deficit.

Polls show Americans like Obama's plan to un-do tax cuts for the wealthy and provide tax relief for the middle class.

Wealth is not trickled down, as it was supposed to. So tax justice should burble up. People want the rich to pay their share.

This is me- I like being middle class, but I don't like paying more taxes that the rich. Nothing against rich people. Just pay your fair share. The rich get richer and the poor and middle class stay where they are, paying money out to take care of the government and the rich. All the money that the government is using to bail out companies...where is coming from? Do they have a money tree in the corner of the Oval Office? Tax Cuts? How? The money needs to come from somewhere. Oh, lets just bleed the middle class a little more. They are happy to give. They don't need to pay their mortgages or feed their children. (Those last sentences are meant to sound snarky.)

The government and its thinking is all a bit dodgy to me. (I love that word - dodgy. It works for so many things. Try using it in a sentence today. Dodgy = sneaky, weird, off, creepy)


Warren & Taisley Weston said...

Warren paid $1.99 on his way out of OKC.
neener neener neener :)

Jewels said...

Spencer and I see the "middle class", which category we are in, as just another level of poverty. Our tax rate is almost half of our income, it's insane. Why haven't any of the candidates proposed a flat rate tax? I am starting to hate the word "Bailout". I agree with you, Where is all that money coming from? Gas prices here haven't yet reached below $2.50, it's funny because we used to hurry and fill up the tank before the prices got higher now we wait until they get a little lower to fill up. I like waiting.

Anonymous said...

I'm hurt you haven't figured out who I am. Of course you would never dream I'd be a water drinker. Oh and I agree with you on the taxes. Here is your clue to figure out who I am. I forgot what it was going to be! sorry!!