Thursday, September 18, 2008


I opened up the comments on the "Sadie the Cleaning Lady" song and I just was in hysterics. I am still laughing, almost to tears. I am picturing all of you (and myself) wearing the little outfits and dancing around to that horrible song. It is amazing what you can find when you just put in one word on Youtube.

Steve the Squirrel has been very busy burying nuts all over the yard and the neighbor's yard. He is very fun to watch.

Tomorrow I am in charge of a dinner for our church. You know, the kind where you don't get any RSVPs and you expect 250-300 people and you don't really know if you will have too much food or not enough. It is a "Corn Feed." Hello? I know, but it is a tradition. Well, I have changed the "tradition." I am not purchasing 300 ears of corn, shucking it and cooking it. No way, no how. So my committee, Kristin and I, asked that people bring hot dishes (casseroles for those of you who don't live in MN) and salads with corn in the recipe. Clever, eh? Oh, ya. You betcha. (Oh, my! I have been here to long. I have started speaking Minnesotan.)

The leaves are starting to change. Very beautiful. The view on the top of the page is a picture I took looking out from our deck. A million dollar view without having to pay the million dollars. The owner of the house you can see the corner of is a millionaire. He sold his company about 2 years ago for 70 million CASH. I think he is the only millionaire in the neighborhood, although there are some other HUGE houses on the street.

Miss you all. Again, thanks for the laughs.

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EJA said...

That picture is beautiful. It looks just like the lake my aunt has a house on in NW Minnesota. Ahhhh, memories...