Thursday, August 21, 2008

Getting involved

I have filled out the paperwork for the kids' schools. Instead of a 1st day packet, they send it out before and then we take it to the school on August 27 to an open house. On the volunteer forms, I filled in just about everything. I am getting a bit nervous for school to start because I don't really know what this year will be like. It is just like every other year...just in a different state, but I feel like running around in a circle, waving my arms above my head and screaming.

I have joined a group called Women of Today. They are like the PTA except they help everywhere. I have been to a couple of meetings and hope that this group can get the women they need in Waconia so we can move forward and save the world.

I still have not found the kittens, but I have met some really nice neighbors while I have been looking.

And a thank you to all of you who have blogs and little children. Mine of growing up so fast. It is fun to see your kids and read about their funny ways.


Warren & Taisley Weston said...

good for you! the best way to get through life is to stay busy. Atleast that's how I cope. :)

Anners said...

Wauconia doesn't know how lucky they are, but they will soon!

I too have felt crazy trying to anticipate the unknown that is upcoming. We are smart savvy gals and we will find our way and be awesome while we do it. I keep telling myself that I'm growing - it's "cocoon" time and I will emerge in full splendor. It's hokey, but it helps me. Feel free to tell it to yourself.

Take care & good luck at school next week. I truly think school for you and your kids will ease this transition.

wilde said...

Ha ha, I saw your comment on Zak & Emily's blog, so funny... um yeah, I bet Alisha probably stopped walking up and down the street once Zak got married!